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AR Camera ACCELEROMETER: Augmented Reality 19/Apr/2019 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Makaka Games 1.3 Product ID: 76931 20 5 3

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AR Camera ACCELEROMETER: Augmented Reality(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_679 , Last change: 19-04-2019
Published: 07 Mar 2019, Publisher: Makaka Games
Price: $20.01 USD - Size: 26.84 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2018.3.7f1 | Asset Published Date: 07 Mar 2019 | Price: $20.01.
Publisher: Makaka Games.
DescriptionAR Camera ACCELEROMETER — augmented reality for 90% of all mobile devices without using gyroscope and compass, blends game objects and information with the surrounding environment.

Note: Mobile camera implements markerless augmented reality (AR) by using an accelerometer and video camera on the player's mobile device to display 2D or 3D objects as though they were in the real world.

☄️ ARKit & ARCore

There is no integration with ARKit & ARCore.

AR Camera ACCELEROMETER operates with accelerometer without surface detection to cover a wider range of mobile devices than ARKit & ARCore.

Read more: Top AR Engines for Unity


– Demo with AR Shadow


90% of all mobile devices have an accelerometer and video camera but only 20% have a gyroscope.

If you want greater coverage of devices, but less accuracy and stability, use AR Camera ACCELEROMETER.

If you want greater accuracy and stability, use AR Camera GYRO.

You can also try to use both cameras for different cases.


There are 3 different forms of tracking.

— Back Camera,

— None Camera,

— None Camera XZ Rotation.

The asset does not use a neural network to surfaces recognition.
There is no surface recognition.


— If we look straight down, the camera starts to rotate around the Y-axis very quickly.

— Camera tracking does not respond to very fast movements (excessive motion, blurred images).

— Camera tracking needs good illumination of the environment.


All modules are designed independently to keep this asset extendable & easy to understand.


Android 4.4 on Lenovo A606.

iOS notes: iPhone 4 or later has a gyroscope, so you can use AR Camera GYRO for greater accuracy and stability.


First of all, read the docs.

If it didn’t help, get the support.

If you find a bug or you can’t use the asset as you need, please first send us an email to (in English or in Russian) before leaving a review to the asset store.

We are here to help and to improve our plugin for the best.

Response time can be up to 3 business days.



AR Menu (AR Biz Card)

AR Space Shooter

AR Basketball GO

AR Throw Ball

AR Camera GYRO


AR Shadow

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